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Product ID: seaprolitePlus
seaPro Lite plus

Note: seaPro lite+ (plus) now replaces the seaPro lite product. 

The ideal product for the first time user or the experienced navigator who wants an easy and low cost introduction to electronic navigation and charting.

lite plus supports not only Livechart's charts but official chart formats such as S57 including encrypted (S63), BSB etc. 

More information:

If you need additional Livechart packs, choose the Livechart option on the left side panel to select the extra chart packs after adding to the cart.

Don't forget to select your required chart pack below or use S57 or BSB charts as required.

Important - DVD install disks are no longer supplied - choose download or USB Memory stick option below.

Chart pack North West Europe: None
UK00001A UK/CI & Eire pack (+90.00)
FR0000NA France North/West (+90.00)
MPUKFRNA UK/CI/FR North/West (+130.00)
NL00001A Netherlands/Belgium (+90.00)
DE00001A Germany North Sea/Baltic (+90.00)
MPNLDE1A NL/Germany (+130.00)
ES00001A Spain N & S (+90.00)
MPFRNESA FR (N & W)+ES (+130.00)
PT00001A Portugal/Madeira (+90.00)
MPNWEURO UK,N.France,Belgium, Netherlands and Germany (+170.17)
Chart pack - Northern Europe: None
DK00002B Denmark (+130.00)
ES00001A Estonia (+90.00)
FI00001A Finland (+199.96)
ISL001AX Iceland (+90.00)
NO00002B Norway (+90.00)
PL0001AX Poland (+133.94)
Chart pack - Med: None
ADRIAT_E Adriatic East inc Croatia (+90.00)
ES00001A Spain N & S (+90.00)
FR0000SB France South (+90.00)
GR00001A Greece (+90.00)
IT000700 Italy (inc Sardinia/Sicily) (+90.00)
PT00001A Portugal/Madeira (+90.00)
TR00001B Turkey (+90.00)
M-EAFR00 Eaat Africa/Middle East (+90.00)
MPESFR1A ES/FR South (+130.00)
M-MLCY00 Malta to Cyprus and N. African coast (+90.00)
MPMEDADR Mediterranean (+170.17)
BLKSEA1A Black Sea North (+172.00)
CAP001AX Caspian sea (+161.00)
Chart pack Rest of World: None
1AA0001A World Ooverview (+90.00)
AR00001A Argentina (+90.00)
AU1000A1 Australia (+90.00)
CAP001AX Caspian sea (+161.00)
C200HKAX Hong Kong (+125.00)
MPCARIBN Caribbean (+130.00)
M-IOSC00 East Indian Ocean/South China sea (+90.00)
M-SATL00 South Atlantic/Southern Ocean to Keruelen Ils (+130.00)
NZ00001A New Zealand (+90.00)
SINGMALX Malacca Straights and Singapore (+120.00)
US00002B USA (home) (+90.00)
Tidal Curve: World Tidal curve data (+33.29)
Price: 90.00 (108.00 Inc. Tax)

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